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Aleph Eris releases sophomore album "Kid Lobo" - Out Now!



Aleph Eris presents Kid Lobo. . .


The new sophomore release from Aleph Eris is available now on all digital platforms!  The initial sessions were recorded by multi-Emmy award winning engineer Gary Arnold at his prolific studio, Gary's Chop Shop, in New York City.

Returning in the mixing seat is Chicago engineer Neil Strauch (Bonnie 'Prince' Billie, Iron & Wine, Joan of Arc) who produced Aleph's first album, The Sleep Whose Dreams Are Life.  

Kid Lobo was mastered in-house by Maxwell Citron at Mount Chicago.



May Fifth, 1921. Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel hosts a dinner party. Cocktails: lovely, bright, elegant. Indistinguishable music dripping from the gardens. Her servants prepared blackened marlin, poached eggs, and fennel salad, tossed with citrus and unfiltered olive oil. Everything was just right, the air was warm and a decade of excellence lay in the twilight echo. Gaby knew this. She planned this moment, this second. Her guests were woven into the fabric of the night.

She reached into her satchel, recovering several small bottles marked No. 5. Her guests watched in silence as she distributed the vessels among them. A silent finger depresses a blast of fragrance into the ether. Then another, and another. 

That was the night Coco Chanel released her iconic scent, No. 5, defining her legacy in a haze of jasmine. And tonight, 99 years in the future, we release these sounds into the air, these memories into vapor.

May Fifth, 2020. I sit here in bed, wearing a protective face mask to minimize the risk to my pillows, stuffed animals, my lamp. The streets are vacant, highways silent, there’s no more bats in the belfry. Despite this, a song permeates the air…

Aleph Eris (aka Connor Smith) is here for you in this time of need. While sickness runs rampant and misinformation is only belittled by political trauma, Connor brings us 11 songs from the other side. Marked by poetry, self loathing, and gripping pop punk energy “Kid Lobo” gives the world a second glance at Aleph Eris. Recorded by Gary Arnold (Emmy winning sound designer and audio engineer) in NYC, mixed by Neil Strauch, and mastered by Maxwell Citron at Mount Chicago, Kid Lobo is a pop punk record with a serious attitude problem, a tremendous show of love and destruction, or a distraction from the hazards of modern existence. Find it on all streaming platforms now, and expect a tape release soon!

Pebbleworm (aka Ryan Rowly) also has a new album available everywhere. The eponymous album was recorded at Noh Place Farm and features Kabir Vermouth, Connor Smith, Maxwell Citron, and MG Longoria.  Pebbleworm brings a lysergic approach to stone cold emo.  Also expect a tape soon!

Finally, my new collection of beats “An” by MG Longoria, is available on all streaming platforms. All the songs were written in collaboration with artwork made by Prestin Yoder, and mastered by Maxwell Citron at Mount Chicago.

But we are still at a loss? A lust for action, momentary suspension of belief in exchange for quasi metaphor? Follow me.

Outside the town of Montgomery New York, Pergamena has manufactured the finest leather parchment from calf and goat hides for centuries. Renowned designer Mark Tallowin collaborated with Maxwell Citron and Pergamena to release the 9th project in his Edition series. Captured on March 3, 2018, Maxwell Citron performs in the East Village of Manhattan at the Planeta studio space. Check out the story here, or check out the video of the performance and preparation at Planeta.

As fades the flowers, so doth songs of the night. Tomorrow we will rise with the bitter taste of moondust on our tongues. Another moment to exist in this non existence, an entrance to find. May health and relative safety find you along the way.

The V.P. in exile

MG Longoria