HHH333 - Lords of Beacon House S/T LP / CD / DIGITAL

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Lords of Beacon House S/T

The first full-length punishingly heavy statement from San Pedro, CA heavy outfit Lords of Beacon House.

Recorded 2015 at Lolipop Records in Echo Park, CA. 

Engineered and mixed by Robert Cifuentes.

Amir Ouaddi : Bass / Lead Vocals
Peter King : Guitar / Backup Vocals
Michael Lopez : Drums



Lords of Beacon House HOMHOMHOM

"If it’s your first encounter with Lords of Beacon House, some of their ’70s stylization might at first seem familiar, but if you listen to the track there’s actually little about it to call retro. The sound is clear and modern — a bluesy foundational bassline leading the way for the chug-riffing guitar and drums to follow — and in its hook and heft, the song has more in common with the new breed of skater heavy than the proto-metal that many will no doubt cast as its major influence, but so it goes. Whatever you want to call it, the track is catchy as all hell..."

FULL REVIEW : https://theobelisk.net/obelisk/2015/02/03/lords-of-beacon-house-distant-thunder-video/