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Ninth Limb

Hello there! I’m Abigail Everding, aka Ninth Limb, and I’m the new intern at HOMHOMHOM.  As a student of linguistics and anthropology, I am most interested in the role that language plays in humans’ conception of reality.  How does language impose structure, and allow one to deconstruct perceived structure?  What counts as a language?  Must it be verbal, or does it expand to art and other forms of non-verbal communication and self-expression?  The ethos of my artistic vision aims to explore these questions by subversion and reconstruction.  My art resembles a ravenous, multi-media chimera that is at once sinister and beautiful, and invokes fear and reverence from the spectator; a spider with a ninth leg that beckons as the others weave a web.  Can you help but be enchanted?

I draw off of influences from my childhood to create surreal yet plausible creatures and environments with my art.  These influences include archaeological and extra-terrestrial documentaries, the art of Salvador Dali, the mystic landscape of my home state Arizona, and the micro- and macro-structure of the natural world.  As an artist, I indulge in a spiritual fantasy grounded in ancient truths, science and history.  My artistic vision manifests itself primarily through my DJing, graphite drawings, and photography.  I aim to present a dichotomy between utopia and dystopia by evoking dissonance between nature and technology.  I hope to challenge the spectator to question the morality of industrialization and to consider humanity’s positionality on Mother Earth.

Many of my favorite musical artists create tangible and immersive soundscapes with transportative powers.  Some of these artists include ARCA, Heilung, Jambinai, Björk and Hiroshi Yoshimura, but this list is ever-expanding and evolving.  The content from my favorite HOMHOMHOM artists explore similar themes, and emphasize a spiritual element.  Right now, my favorite installments of the HOMHOMHOM catalog are the works of brain wave artist Grace Leslie, as I resonate with her focus on the intersection of biology and technology, and MG Longoria’s experimental electronic album “An”.  

I hope to integrate HOMHOMHOM’s environmental and social justice mission into the fabric of my own art.  Ultimately, I hope to reflect my vision of utopia - a world in which nature and technology work in tandem to create a harmonious ecosystem.