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Tallowin Presents: Pom-Poms and Other Power Objects

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Pom-Poms and Other Power Objects



Pom Poms and Other Power Projects Mark Tallowin Max Citron HOMHOMHOM HHH

Captured on March 3, 2018,
Maxwell Citron plays the shakuhachi flute, utilizing amplified feedback to create rich sound sculptures in the East Village of Manhattan at the Planeta studio.

Curated by award-winning designer Mark Tallowin, they present a joint installation featuring Tallowin's leather scapular and wool pom-poms alongside an interactive sculpture stitching a sound transducer into tensioned hand-scraped parchment from the Pergamena tannery based in Montgomery, New York.

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TALLOWIN was founded by award-winning designer Mark Tallowin and is dedicated to creating the finest hand-stitched handbags available. Originally set up in London in 2012, the label moved to New York in 2019.

Maxwell Citron is a mastering engineer,
sound artist and designer based in Chicago, IL. 

He is a founder of enigma media company HOMHOMHOM and recycled apparel brand EVERYWHERE 👁️

Mark Tallowin Max Citron Planeta Manhattan New York
Max Citron Shakuhachi Europe HOMHOMHOM HHH
Max Citron Moog Muse Shakuhachi Live HOMHOMHOM
Maxwell Citron Brain Music BBC SpaceTime Tapes
Oslo Norway Shakuhachi Max Citron HOMHOMHOM HHH
Planeta Studio East Village Manhattan New York HOMHOMHOM HHH
Planeta is a product studio focused on sound and virtual media. They develop creative tools, unique VR/AR experiences, and hardware products. 

Their sister entity, OONI, is a virtual reality studio with expertise in photography and concepart.  And their Space in the East Village of Manhattan is an active performance venue.
Pergamena heralds from a generations-old family of tanners dating back to Germany in the 1400s, specializes in handmade parchment and leather in a simple, traditional, and environmentally-friendly method.

Pergamena Montgomery New York Parchment Leather

Utilizing local sources of animal skins, Pergamena manufactures all of its raw materials in a small facility in the scenic Hudson Valley, 60 miles north of New York City.

Please enjoy this sound playlist from Pom-Poms and Other Power Objects
curated by HOMHOMHOM’s Black Sun

Laurie Speigel - The Unquestioned Answer (Unseen Worlds)
Maxwell Citron - Bottomless Desire E
The Variable Why - I Can Barely See You (Patient Sounds)
Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe - Yawneb Pt. 1 (More Than Human)
emacs - Night Blooming Planet (Felix Onyx)
Seth Cluett - Ringing Rocks (LINE)
Andra McCartney - Swimming the Reef (For Patrick) (CEC Presence 1)
DJ Rashad - Reverb (Ghettophiles)
Aki Onda - Toward a place in the sun (Softl Music)
Hiroshi Yoshimura - Clouds (Light In The Attic Records)
Julianna Barwick & Ikue Mori - Rain and Shine at the Lotus Pond (RVNG Intl.)
Marina Rosenfeld - In F (Room40)
Else Marie Pade - III Fausts & Magrethes Kærlighed (The Love of Faust & Margrethe) (Dacapo Records)
Fennesz & Ryuichi Sakamoto - 0419 (Touch UK)
Christina Vantzou - Valley Drone (kranky)
Kevin Drumm - Cloudy (Editions Mego)
Marc Jensen - Patterns of Living And Sounding (Leonardo Music Journal)
Harish Sunkari - I Need Her
Kara-Lis Coverdale - Touch Me & Die (Sacred Phases)

Sumi Ink Black Sun HOMHOMHOM HHH