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Yin Lake & Wired Magazine feature

I am grateful that you, and me, are alive. I am grateful for our misfortune, and our families, our sleep and dreams and misguided emotions, even our demise.

I am grateful to share some songs with you.  For the past few years, I’ve wrote and recorded 5 songs for those who have loved, and lost, and loved again.  It’s not much but I’m proud to release Yin Lake this month. Written and recorded at Noh Place Farm in Buchanan, Michigan, and Hanalei, Hawaii.  Check it out on Bandcamp and all streaming services tonight.


Blue Cloud has a new blog post on the HOMHOMHOM website about the Planeta collaboration with Mark Tallowin.  Black sun is also releasing a playlist of tracks he played at the event.  Check it out here, and check out his new podcast, The Friendzone, this Friday!

Last week I saw Todd, the Wherewolf, wearing a face mask made of newspaper and safety pins. I am so inspired by his constant resourcefulness. Attention to detail. Consideration.


In that same vein, I’m happy to shout out that Wired Magazine listed Everywhere Apparel in the top 19 recycled products for 2020!  It’s cool to see innovation and necessity collide, and we look forward to what the future holds.

In the best wishes of uncertain times Todd says, “A life without sickness, a life without love. Let me eat some of that...”

MG Longoria
VP in exile