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Gyraf Audio Gyratec G22 - Stereo-Dual-MS Vari-mu Compressor

Gyratec G22 - Stereo-Dual-MS Vari-mu Compressor

G22 is an elaborated and dualified version of our venerable G10 vari-mu compressor.  It can be set to dual-mono, but still keeps a backwards-compatibility “G10 mode” where one set of knobs controls real stereo, like you’d want most of the time in mastering.

The G22 is as standard available as 230V or 115V mains voltages please specify when ordering.


With a classic design the G22 will fit into every studio. The two handles make it easy to transport or move the product, and the material of the switches is a must feel experience.


A simple sidechain high-pass filter was added. Input and output transformers can be switched between standard two-channel L/R mode and the M/S mode.


The audio part of the circuit is a faithful reproduction of the Gyratec G10. The only minor change is a re-bias of the output stage.


The G22 is a dual-channel unit – allowing you to use it as two compressors on two different signal sources. It’s still a fully stereo-linked compressor with all the freedom and ease of control this gives you.