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Gyraf Audio Gyratec G24 - Passive-Aggressive Compressor

Gyraf Audio Gyratec G24 - Passive-Aggressive Compressor

The G24 is an entirely new type of stereo compressor – aimed at mix and mastering functions. Like it’s sister and predecessor, the G23 EQ, it’s for those situations where you have a mix that is already nearly-perfect balanced, but you want to control some part of its dynamic without messing up the overall definition.

The G24 is as standard available as 230V or 115V mains voltages – please specify when ordering.


This compressor is based on a carefully designed fully passive signal path, consisting of one metal film resistor, one audio transformer and one photo resistor per channel.


Most of its intricate control system was conceived from scratch, following a stringent “what-if” paradigm of research, trial and error.

A message from Gyraf Audio about the G24

As you may or may not know, optical compressors can no longer be sold in the EU or California. No execptions. The industry (of which I’m part) is trying to ignore this away, and the G24 was conceived as a protest against an environmental legislation that allows massive amounts of Cadmium for batteries, yet bans an entire division of audio processing in order to save the environment from the very-small amounts of Cd in these OptoCouplers. All very technical and sad, don’t get me started… The “Aggressive” part of the unit’s name comes not from it’s way of behaving, but from my aim of stirring up the soup to get some sort of focus on the unbearable situation for real pro audio because of these rules…

What it sums up to is the fact that the G24 is not really for sale, as we can’t sell you its heart – the CdS cell. We will need to remain legal owners of that central part, and only only lease it to you temporarily.

That is; if you want one, we will need you to sign an agreement that we own the heart, and that at some time (if ever), when we have found a suitable replacement material and shipped you a module containing a new and legal part, that you will open the unit, plug the new one in, and send the old one home to us. We have arranged a disposal ritual as a small yellow-orange dot on a piece of pottery from a local artist – this is one of the legal uses of cadmium. So prepare for some paperwork if you’re in the EU or California like 95% of our customers.

Loan Agreement

This is the document that you must print out, sign, scan and send back to us [Gyraf Audio] in order to qualify for buying the G24 within the borders of the European Union and the State of California.


Resolution Product Award 2017