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Gyraf Audio Gyratec G14 - Stereo Parallel-Passive Equalizer

Gyratec G14 - Stereo Parallel-Passive Equalizer

The G14 is a true tube, all passive, stereo equalizer. It consist of five bands – each with 11 switchable frequencies, variable “Q”, and boost/cut selection. It also has an output level trim, and a “hard” relay bypass control.

G14 is as standard available as a 115V mains unit – other mains voltages will be made on request (at no extra cost).  Please specify when ordering.


With a classic design the G14 will fit into every studio. The two handles make it easy to transport or move the product, and the material of the switches is a must feel experience.


The two channels are linked – controlled with one set of knobs. The “Q”s (filter sharpness) are rather low when boosting, but higher at cut – approaching a notch on extreme cut settings.


Input impedance – Around 5K Ohms, transformer balanced. Output impedance – ~1K Ohms, transformer balanced. Max boost/cut – ~10-12dB, depending on “Q” setting. Gain trim ~+3 – -5dB. Each band individually hard-bypassable. Channel tracking within ~1dB.


There has never been a bigger selection of valve-based EQ available to us.. You have never used an EQ as smooth, silky and satisfying as this one” – George Shilling, Resolution Magazine