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Ear Yoshino DAC 4

Ear Yoshino DAC 4 

Exquisite detailing

The EAR Dac 4 is an amalgamation of technology and classic craftsmanship. The design is built with a precision machined chrome plated facia, equipped with a matching volume control and punctuated by discrete LED indicators. Machined chromed buttons further compliment the design and inform of its solid construction.

The Dac 4 will be a focal point of your digital media and can be accessorised with the EAR Acute 4 for all of your audio disc needs.

Limitless possibilities

Connect to multiple devices with the EAR Dac 4 boasting seven separate audio inputs. USB, AES, two SPDIFs, Toslink, EAR AcuteLink and analogue audio.

You can now realise the true potential of digital audio formats into your system. It’s not just limited to digital content with the inclusion of an analogue audio input, such is the versatility of this product.

Complete freedom of use

Nothing comes between you and the music you love. The EAR Dac 4 can handle all the popular formats up to 192 KHz 24 bit audio, enabling you to play high resolution formats. This DAC will open up your digital world.

With the addition of DSD compatibility, you can play DSD files over USB natively. It makes the Dac 4 capable of so much more than you ever imagined.

Double the output

Building upon EAR Yoshino’s success of the EAR Acute and Acute 3, Tim de Paravicini redesigned the output stage from the ground up. It now comprises of four PCC88 valves and circuitry to match. Integrating the valves, the circuitry, the transformers and digital chips to all work together creates the best possible experience, leaving you with sensational audio.

Bespoke from the ground up

Having an all new design, the output transformers needed to match the electronic capabilities of the new four valve output stage. Built with solid construction, these transformers are more than 30% larger by volume than their predecessor giving an exceptional signal to noise ratio. These custom designed transformers are hand-wound in Cambridgeshire and complemented by the most stringent of criteria for this amazing product.

Two brains are better than one

Everything you do with the EAR Dac 4 stems from its core. When you have a great digital engine, the whole experience becomes better. That’s why the Dac 4’s digital decoder now utilizes two Wolfson WM8741 DACs, each configured in bridged mono. Each individual channel is connected to its own analogue output and transformer negating the need for any detrimental solid state signal conversion and buffering. When you can’t hear the digital processing, you hear the whole sound. Or note. Or song. In ways you’ve never experienced before.