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Ear Yoshino 509 POWER AMPS (PAIR)

Ear Yoshino 509 POWER AMPS (PAIR)



Double the output

Tim de Paravicini designed the EAR 509s with industrial grade components for reliability and performance. Built to handle the demands of professional audio environments, Ear Yoshino added the option for it to be equipped with balanced inputs for those -professional applications.

With all of Ear Yoshino’s products, they put a high level of care with the end performance. Take their selection of valves for instance. Each mono and its valves are unique. They analyse a wide selection of valves to find the most suitable match before pairing each EAR 509 for stereo, giving the highest quality output.

Bespoke from the ground up

Ear Yoshino’s transformers sing with just about anything. Tim de Paravicini bespoke designed both output and power transformers with music in mind. Ear Yoshino hand-builds them locally and then rigorously tests them to ensure they meet their exacting standards. They then engineered the EAR 509s to take full advantage of this quality while maintaining the 100 watt output.


Classic beauty

The EAR 509 mono was born to serve professional studios. The nature of high fidelity in studios makes it perfectly suited for audio playback in the home.

The 100 Watt mono is a Tim de Paravicini design classic that has been in continual production for over 30 years. Its timeless rectilinear form is hand finished in polished chrome giving a clean and elegant look. Despite its high power, it has been refined to be densely packaged without sacrificing any performance enabling the compact design.

Limitless possibilities

The EAR 509 have been built with reliability at its heart, backed up by three decades of servicing experience for the product.

Changing valves is intuitive with the EAR 509’s self- biasing. Accurately set the operational biasing by adjusting two sets of dials. With four LEDs, it informs you that it’s set with equal intensity, allowing you to easily adjust the biasing when necessary.