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HHH001 - Blue Cloud "Wake Up" - Lathe-Cut 7" / Digital

The debut 7" single from Blue Cloud and Cloudship Unknow. 
1. Saturn Return's (33)
2. On the Wings of Love 
Recored at:
Chaco Canyon, NM off a generator at the base of Pueblo Bonito
The Unknown in Anacortes, WA with Nick Wilbur
Stout in Fremont, CA with Randy Burk
Bricktop Recording in Chicago with Pete Grossman
Noh Place Farm in Buchanan, MI

Mastered by David Craigin at Santa Fe Soundworks

Vic Tredwell - Bass
Bob New - Pedal Steel
Amir Ouaddi - Rhodes / Organ
Jonny Belen - Guitar / Vox
Max Citron - Guitar / Vox / Moog
MG Longoria - Drums
Grace Leslie - Flute
Kristin Kennedy - Guitar / Vox
Melody Griffith - Vox

Released February 23, 2015

HOMHOMHOM 2015 - Records of The Eternal Now